Who are the Secret Saints? 


For God so loved, He gave...

    The Secret Saints are a growing group of people who give to those in need “…because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” (Romans 5:5) This love from the heart of our Heavenly Father flows into our lives, and therefore, we freely give to others. His word will not return without fulfilling His purpose. Furthermore, we want the investment which God has given to us to benefit more than just us. So that when it (the investment, talents and gifts) returns to God it has multiplied and is not void.

    The Secret Saints is a 501-c3 non-profit organization consisting of a growing group of ordinary people who live normal everyday lives while looking for potential candidates--people in need. The potential candidate never knows they are being considered for a contribution to their need, nor do the Secret Saints in any way want their praise. It is the purpose of the Secret Saints to help these people to be delivered from their situation and give God their praise. 

The candidate never gets anyone’s name or phone number. Everything is done in secret with complete anonymity. This way, when the candidate’s burden is lifted with the gift of their deliverance, they are overwhelmed with a flood of emotions. When the candidate looks around for someone to thank, there is nobody to be found looking for praise and honor. The Secret Saints is an organization made up of people from several denominations within the Christian faith. 

   Invitation time; if you are someone, who would like to keep up with what God, is going to do with this ministry, please send an email to support@secretsaints.com to be added. We are looking to add local chapters across the United States of America. The country that God has blessed and that looks more like Jesus than any other in the world. Our belief is that when Jesus comes back to rule, He will give His stamp of approval and will want this ministry to continue.   Will you join us today?

  Will you join us today?

  Will you join us today?






Needs of the Secret Saints organization is as follows; therefore, the call goes out!


I don’t mean only regular, causal, or just by the way Lord, but, heartfelt, pure hearted, and sincere prayer or request/petitions of our Lord. Realizing, the pray itself is not a magical set of words like the witches use to get something they want, but rather our request are being made to our God, who is the giver and author of all good gifts. And that we have-not because we ask not, therefore, we ask Him to grow this company towards His will. He is God who spoke and the universe became/was created, which includes us. Some of your prayers should be emailed to us to be used on our website of how our saints are praying.

Join our team by sending an email to support@secretsaints.com stating you are praying for His will in this ministry
The website is another goal within this campaign. The current website was designed for free with limited space and design. The new website will have interactive programs that will keep people on the site, bring those people back to the site, and draw new people to the site. The website will show examples of our campaigns, which will hopefully move people to get involved in the campaigns. There will be interactive links for online donations as well

Another goal will be to raise capital funds. More times than not the candidates’ needs are immediate and could be handled within hours if the funds were available. Those on-hand funds would be accessed in these cases, and once these funds have been replenished, they will be ready to be used for new candidates.



     This is a grass roots/ground floor movement made up of mighty men and women, who have caught the vision of the Secret Saints.  These teams of Underwriters are willing to support financially our mission and messages and may want to be involved in the work of the Secret Saints.

Join our team by sending an email to support@secretsaints.com with your thoughts.

The Secret Saints organization is in need of people to volunteer their time and talents to accomplish small to large projects.  It is the simple things we help with right now.  Ideas are also welcome.

The Secret Saints organization is looking forward to hearing from you and would like to thank you for your time and consideration of giving the campaign a helping hand.

 Interested people?


 For me, the President/Director; this ministry is the call of my life. I answered the call of the Lord about 10 years ago and started fulfilling His holy call on my life; to be a teacher and preacher, which I have done locally at different churches and weekly at the local Salvation Army as a preacher/bible teacher. Since the age of five, the Lord put on my heart and now in my path the works of this ministry. At that age my prayer was (and still is) to help the masses of the people. Where else could a five-year-old get those words except God?

For the Vice President/Director; the call of his life is being fulfilled in this ministry. The Lord simply asked him, “If you love me, feed my sheep…” He has done so and is willing to see others join in on this monumental journey of following the call of the Good Sheppard through this evil and wicked land until we walk right into the presence of the kingdom of God.

Like us you may have heard the call of the Lord and want to follow Him and what He is doing by getting involved here in this ministry. The number one question from people is how can I know what the will of the Lord is? The Lord asks the easy and simply things first in order to get you to build muscle in following Him. Shake off this notion that a great light will blind you and you will hear the word of the Lord. Your spirit and His Spirit share the same body space and He is praying for you. He will lead you, convince you, convict you, teach you and show you great and mighty things. Do the small things the He is asking you to do as soon as possible and you will start to realize it was God’s plan for your life starts at the narrow path. Then you will cry for the years you overlooked them and rejoice for all that is ahead.

Join our team by sending an email to support@secretsaints.com with ADD to your email list on the subject line.

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