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For God so loved, He gave...

Doing my good deed for the day
You would agree that the receiver of a gift will benefit greatly. But, I would say that the givers will also gain a valuable treasure here in his heart while on earth and also in Heaven. He is storing up treasures that will not rust and the thief cannot steal. Of course, being a good person is not enough to have your name put in the book. When the roll is called up yonder and one finds his name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, he is thankful to God. And he knows being a good person or doing his good deed of the day was not enough. Because, we are saved by the grace of God through faith and not of yourself that no man should boast. I say this because many people think your good deeds will save you. But, what good are all the good deeds of a man if his name is not in the book. If he is disqualified from the book of life and heaven, and finds himself in hell, what good were all his good deeds? Find the immeasurable, unsearchable saving grace of Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, and the only Savior of your soul.
A train wrecked life. I know a woman with the following attitude and she spoke it frequently. “All I ever want is more than I could ever have!” With this attitude she will never be content with anything in life, because she always wants more. What ever she has is never enough and will never satisfy. There is no appreciation in her life, which means to add value to. The greed for more is the driving force in her life and many people are taking this ride down a road that destroys all pleasure and contentment. This type frequently says, “I don’t have any extra money”, but if an examination was really done it would reveal a lot of personal discretionary funds being spent on them self for pleasure. There are three things that choke the word of God out of a person’s life; the worries of the day, the riches of the day, and the pleasures of the day. And this person above has all three. The Lord has put good works in front of us in our lives so that we would walk in them. The goodness of a person comes from God. We are to simply give ourselves to His calling on our lives and to His good pleasure.
I counseled a woman who we will call Janie, whose life was a train wreck, and after examining her life she agreed the train wreck was a clear picture of her innermost feelings. But one day she saw a girl in need and invested the time and money to help her. She did not give her name or any way to get in touch with her. Only helped her then disappeared. Janie walked about three feet off the ground for about three days per her own confession. Because she helped someone else in their time of need and got nothing back for it. What Janie received in good feelings took her to a new level and out of her (all about me and my my my my ) attitude. This is one of the benefits of giving. Giving to others in need makes us feel good about ourselves and set a higher value on our own life, because we make a real difference in the lives of others. Also by doing this your now empty cup is going to be refilled by God. I see my heart as a cup with good treasures in. If the good treasures are not poured out to benefit other lives, then these treasures will stagnate, stale, and be useless. But, on the other hand, if I pour out what God has given me, I see Him refill every time. The key is to pour out the treasures so that they benefit others. Not just pour them out as a waste or loss. Just because you don’t have the once had treasure or treasures of your life does not mean you did your part. God gives us good gifts to enjoy then we should pass them on as a benefit to others. Then God replenishes your cup with more treasures. Holding on to treasures too long will only stagnate them and in return they are no good to you or any one else. The Secret Saints believe “for God so loved, He gave.” Do you also believe and are willing to give out the treasures of your heart?
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