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For God so loved, He gave...

Below is a letter that one of our candidates received from us when their gift was delivered.
Below is a letter that one of our candidates received from us when their gift was delivered. We are looking to bless people who are in need and to point them to Jesus. Blessing people by given them deliverance during a difficult time draws the both sides nearer to the heart of Christ. Yes, both the giver and the receiver are being blessed by our Lord. And to be blessed by Him is to be very happy indeed. 
                                          The Secret Saints 
                                 “For God so loved, He gave…
” This gift is coming to you anonymously from the Secret Saints. No thanks to mankind is in order. However, our God--the Creator of everything, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and the true Holy One--is due thanks. Because the Holy Spirit who lives within us pours out into our hearts the love of the Father in heaven. This love has over filled our cup and is being poured into your hands today. We bless you and ask the Lord to bless you! We have a few people whom don’t know you, but has heard your story and has responded with this kind donation and their prayers to make your life a little better. We make no judgments on your religion, lifestyle, race, or anything of that sort. Once your story had been verified, the members within our organization and has the chance of participating in your deliverance. And they have responded today with this gift. Your story as it was spread; Here is a man about 68 years old, who has had a car his whole life and now has none for the last six months. He works from time-to-time at different locations, but his main source of income is parking his car near a busy intersection and decorating it with ribbons that he sells. The income he has since the car was lost is just enough to get by month to month and there is no extra to purchase a car. A car would help him get back to work and provide for himself and the others in his home. Will you help? After collecting enough money for the car we went to the dealership and purchased the car. Dropped the car off at the man's house and called him on his phone and it went something like this; Sir are you George? Are you still in need of a car? he answered yes to both. I am with the Secret Saints and we have blessed you today with a car. If you will look outside of your door you will see a blue Honda. "yes, is it a light blue Honda?" yes and if you will look in the floor board you will find two packages one for you to keep and the other to sign and return to the dealership, then in about two or three weeks you will receive a title in your name. This car is yours now fully paid, free and clear! the man burst out crying with thanks. Our only reply is; thank no man only God for His love which flows freely into our lives has today reached you. God bless you sir. (Disconnect.) No name or contact number.
feedback: and email from one Secret Saint to another. George just called me to tell me about the an organization called the Secret Saints, who bought him a car.  He was trying not to cry, but he could not help himself. he received the car within the love of God, he said; "a neighbor and I drove it around the block and it drove out fine - although he couldn't see a thing because of all the tears....." Although he does not believe in God, he tells this story and has started to say God is good. Thanks my friends and saints for your heartfelt gifts. 

Reference Letters;  

    I am the Nurse for Dr. ___.  I was contacted by Mr. Hope of the Secret Saints, who explained a patient of ours would be transferring to another Doctor due to some special circumstances. That is to say the other Doctor was going to perform the operation and after all is said and done the bill would be paid. Furthermore, the Doctor was going to give any credit due him to the Secret Saints and not let on to the family know that the Doctor participated in any way. I loved the idea and told Mr. Hope  that Dr. ___ would like to hear about this because this also sounds like the heart of Dr. ___.
We know this patient and his circumstances. He is 19 years old and needs this operation within a few weeks or the bones would not heal correctly and he would never walk again. It was explained to us that he had no job, no insurance and no way to pay for such an operation.
I spoke to Mr. Hope  at length about the Secret Saints and what they do and found it to be something we could get on board with. I spoke to Dr. ___ and he also was equally moved and agreed to all that I explained. When this young man and his mother came to the office, we explained that we had been contacted by a non-profit organization called the Secret Saints and that they would be picking up the bill for the doctor’s part of the operation. They were drawn to tears.
The Dr. and I were so happy to be a part of what this wonderful organization does in helping the needy. We thank them and would encourage others to participate also.

    I am a manager at a repair shop and had the pleasure of experiencing some goodwill toward mankind recently. A call came in from a man introducing himself as being with the Secret Saints. He explained what the organization did and how I was not to tell anyone who he was, but only to mention their name the Secret Saints when speaking of this.
He explained there was a car he wanted me to fix and gave me the contact information of the owner. He set an amount of money the Secret Saints would pay and asked me to visit the car and try to fix it. I called the owner of the car and explained the situation and she agreed to let me look at her car. But the car had some problems that would require being in my shop. I contacted the man representing the Secret Saints and explained. He came to the shop with a tow company ready to pick up the car and a check for the repairs. When I explained this to the lady, she nearly could not believe it, but she allowed it. I repaired the car and she picked up the car without paying a dime. It was a great gift for this lady, who had the car, broken down at her job for three days. I have had the pleasure of meeting people like the Secret Saints before and think we are fortunate to have them operating in our world.

    This letter is in response to a request from Mr. Hope of the Secret Saints.One day as I was helping a co-worker jump off her car, someone walked up and engaged in helping too. I have known this someone/Secret Saint since grade school and we work from time to time as temporary employees, so a lot of people come and go from this company. My friend had shared this idea of the Secret Saints to me on many occasions, which now has been formulated into a non-profit organization. Well, the car would not start and we had to get back to work. Over the next few days I would check on her to see if the car was working or not, but nothing was happening and no one was checking it out. But, about the four or fifth day, someone approached me and said, did you know a secret organization had the car towed to a repair shop and repaired free of charge. I was extremely busy and did not think much of it until this request from friend came to me asking for a reference letter. I spoke to my friend yesterday and as a part of this request; he let me in on his secret--which was through the work of the Secret Saints that the co-worker’s car was fixed. I was so excited to have seen it happen in real life. It is just like friend and his organization to do things like this without bringing any attention to themselves or to take any credit for it. If Mr. Hope was going to tell anyone, it would have been me, his friend, co-worker and the person that had his jumper cables hooked up to the car. But only as it was necessary to know did I find out. The co-worker and co-workers don’t know it, but they have a Secret Saint among them. 

    I met Mr. Hope  through one of my dealerships. He has formulated a company called the Secret Saints, where he trains people to be on the lookout for others in need. He called me one day and explained he had found a worthy candidate and gave me a fixed amount of money for a car. I surveyed my inventory and made a very special deal for the Secret Saints. Then Mr. Hope  set up the title work with my Finance Manager, who informed me that he did not want his name anywhere on the forms. We had made the title out to the candidate with return envelopes after the signing.
This is the kind of thing, my heart loves to be a part of and would ask you to consider helping, too.

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